Anime Mythology: Mystics, Priestesses and Warrior Women

Vidiots Annex – Film Studies – Anime Mythology

Instructor: Crispin Freeman

Revolutionary Girl Utena

Adolescenece of Utena

Synopsis from Vidiots Website:

These are elaborate and humorous Power Point-style presentations with slides and video that explore the differences in animated and video game storytelling in Japanese and American cultures.

My Perspective

I really had a great experience at a smaller gathering of anime enthusiasts at Vidiots Annex this Tuesday.  Watch this video to get a sense of what happens during Crispin’s energetic and informative presentations.  It’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what one of these presentations actually consist of.  Highly metaphysical and based on Jungian theories of archetypal figures and Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, Crispin delves into the cultural aspects and differentiations of anime and western animation with clarity and style.

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